Friday, 3 February 2012

It's Friday, Friday!

I've always loved Fridays. When I was in school Friday was always my favourite day obviously because it was the last day of the school week. During high school we always had sports every Friday afternoon. While I was never really a big fan of sports, still am not, the variety of sports on offer were always interesting and enjoyable. Ten pin bowling with the girls and volleyball were always the most memorable ones. Also during my school years Fridays were always fun as my girls and I would always organise something fun for Friday night to celebrate the end of the week. During the footy season we would always go to the Friday night games in town. As they say Friday nights a great night for football!. Again not really for the sport but more so for the social side of things.
As I've got older and left school, Fridays of course always signal the end of the work week. Hubby always finishes work earlys on Friday afternoons and have you noticed that Fridays always seem to be sunny?. Ok maybe that's just me and definitely not today anyway!. Bring back the sunshine please!!.
P.s Fridays also mean tomorrow is Shopping Saturday!. Wooo

Have a great weekend Lovelies! xx


  1. I will always remember Fridays as being so awesome for the fun we had drama class, chicken burgers, sport and crazy bus ride home. Love you always, Dot xoxo

  2. Aww I totally forgot about Drama!. And those chicken burgers, OMG the best ever!!