Sunday, 14 August 2011

Childhood memories

We all have our favorite childhood memories. Memories in which we will keep with us forever. Certain sights, smells and sounds can all allow these memories to come flooding back and evoke in us all a overwhelming sense of happiness.
When I am upset and generally feeling down I tend to reflect heavily on these thoughts. I cast my memories to a happier time, a time where I felt free and felt as if i had the whole world at my doorstep.

The sight and smell of mandarins always bring back to me happy memories of playing outside at my Granmas house in the summertime, underneath her Mandarin tree surrounded by close family. My Granma, who was Scottish, sadly passed away a couple of months ago and a lot of memories of happier times involving her have since resurfaced. Being of Scottish heritage the sound of a bagpipe will get me everytime!.

Happier times <3 (I'm on the left)

Another fond memory I have of when I was younger is when my father and I used to take road trips to places. One of my favorite places to travel to was always Sydney. My dad used to drive us around the city and its outer suburbs to explore. Walks along the cliff to Watson's bay were amazing. Having the last name Watson, my Dad used to always tell me that the town was named after us. Being the young, sweet and innocent me I always believed him, he is my dad why wouldn't I?! ;). My father is a spinner of many yarns, but that's another story!. My father is now suffering from illness and cannot walk all that well so these memories of journeys with my dad are particularly precious.
Childhood is suppose to be time of happiness and make believe. Thankfully I was able to experience this :)

<3 Kylie xx

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